Break out Session at International Convention

There are more than 360 million people around the world with deafness or partial hearing. 

Depending on the age and reason for the deafness this can cause big restrictions in education and employment opportunities, depression, anxiety and even early onset of dementia. Many cases of hearing loss are avoidable, resulting from broader health issues or damage.    The Rotary Action Group on hearing seeks to promote knowledge about hearing and deafness, encourage projects that help alleviate problems caused by hearing loss and deafness, provide awareness of hearing issues for local communities and act as a resource for Rotarians keen to help reduce the burden of hearing loss.  The Breakout session at the International Convention, at 2.30 pm on 9th June will include an overview of the issues from Adj Professor Dr Elaine Saunders; an overview of the Rotary Action Group from its Chairperson, Ellen Haggerty, and an update on an exciting sustainable solution from Social Entrepreneur, Howard Weinstein. 

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